Is a Habit, A way of Life

It is that time of the year! Yes, resolution time. For some people every year is the same resolution, for some it’s a different one. When it comes to Health and Fitness, it typically relates to fat loss, muscle gain and appearance. This is a great time though to remind yourself that the “Goal” it is only, the “Goal of the Goal”.

Success in life, defined on a single person basis by society standards is the accumulation of small goals achieved. And those goals have in turn given you the opportunity to live a more prosperous life. Goals are important for all of us, they are definitely important for me. But, living by others standards is very challenging to attain and difficult to maintain. My Health and Fitness goals have for greater part of my life defined me and guided me, but the biggest impact of my Health and Fitness goals is that they have enabled me and allowed me to do other, perhaps bigger things. That is success to me is where you are the best version of you. Thus, the goal of the goal, it is a better way of life, a way of life where the best version of you is expressed, and you are at your happiest.

For most, New Year’s resolutions regarding Health and Fitness are losing a few pounds, gaining some muscle, all with the ultimate goal of looking and feeling better. For some it is a necessity, as their health has suffered to a point that they have no other option. For me achieving my Health and Fitness goals are not only a way to achieve a greater level of health and appearance, but a way to achieve a level of happiness, empowerment,  and confidence. They are stepping stones to a bigger goal, achieving my best self, finding that place where I am happiest.

I’ll share with you my top 3 goals every year, yes every year, they never change:

  1. Every year I challenge myself to stay as fit and as healthy as I was the year before, after all age is as much a state of mind as it is a physiological change, at least that is what I tell myself. So far it seems to be working! Goal #1 makes me happy, empowered and confident.

  2. Every year I challenge myself to be wildly influential and successful in my quest to help people achieve their best self using Health and Fitness as a cornerstone of that process. You, the reader, and you, my clients, can be the judge of that. Goal #2 makes me feel fulfilled.

  3. Every year I challenge myself to have a better relationship with my lady. After all it is her who I will ultimately share whatever I may create or achieve during my life. My lady is 13 years younger than me so I must continue to do goal#1. I am “old fashioned” and I am happiest when I can provide for her and possibly spoil her some, so I must continue to do goal #2.

Those 3 goals are the biggest slices of my “Happiness and Best Self Pie Chart”.

I have more simple goals, for example, one of the components of goal #1 is that I want keep my weight at about 165 pounds, but, it is not because it is a magical number defined by society, it’s because that is the weight that I feel the healthiest and most athletic at. I have been able to do so for the past 20 years, not because there is a number, but a why. The number serves simply as a guideline.

But, I see a problem with goals. The problem being that once you have achieved your goal, what you were striving for, you immediately lose that very thing that gave you purpose, drive, direction, motivation. These can lead to 2 problems. The first one, the problem of the vicious cycle, where once you achieve your goal you go back to your initial state, only to start all over again. The second, the problem of there is never enough, or nothing is good enough where once you achieve your goal, you seek goals that live at unsustainable levels and/or place your physical and emotional health at risk. Both of this issues are very common, and most people do not realize it. That is why I am constantly turning my “goals” into HABITS. What would you think happen if I stopped trying to stay as fit and as healthy as the previous year? Well, I probably wouldn’t be as fit and healthy as I was, then why not make it habit and not a goal!

You may be asking yourself, what is the purpose of goals then? For me, goal setting is a way to find what is it you feel you need to make you happy, be your best. Once the goals are explored and decided, smaller goals that can be turned into habits is the next step. In my own example; if my goal is to stay as fit and healthy as the previous year, I must exercise and eat properly on a daily basis, which in turn is the habit.

When you decide what your goals for 2017 are, I challenge you to go bigger, be bolder, and be honest with yourself. Set goals, then turn those goals into habits. Once you have developed those habits, use your newly developed Health and Fitness goals/habits as a cornerstone to better your relationship with your partner, be more productive at work, to spend less time worrying about your health and spending more time with your family and friends, etc. I challenge you to challenge yourself, after all your best self and your happiest self are not goals in life, but a way of life. If you truly are your best self, and your happiest, why would you ever want to leave that place. In 2017 and on, make your happiest and best self not a goal, but a habit, your very own way of life.

In health,


“The mystery of human existence lies in not just staying alive, but finding something to live for”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

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