Summer is arriving! Here in PDX summers are taken seriously, the city turns into hyper active mode, add to that the natural beauty of our city and the endless extra array of music, food and activities (at least it seems that way!), who wouldn’t want to be outside. But the reality is that some of us are not ready for that quite just yet, maybe some of us cannot afford to lose any ground in all the progress that we have made in our Health and Fitness and life overall, and some of us just have way too many responsibilities and demanding life’s to even start thinking about it much less be ready for it.

Here at Reliquum, we take it seriously as well. That said we have a  three-part blog series to help you get ready for summer regardless of your current position.

The most important thing is to have a plan. A plan though that is doable, attainable and sustainable. The first thing is that you have to do to create that plan is to set some goals. The goals can look like this;

  • Be in running condition
  • Have my beach body
  • Have my weekly healthy eating habits in practice
  • Have my workout schedule in place so I can enjoy my family and friends without skipping workouts
  • Make sure I have the right weekly structure to maintain what I have while enjoying the summer
  • Abs!!!

    Here are Reliquum’s  guidelines  to start your weekly program
  1. Have a weekly structure

  2. Strength training at least twice a week or what is necessary to meet your goals

  3. Cardiovascular work at least twice a week or what is necessary to meet your goals

  4. At least an hour of stretching, yoga or meditation per week

  5. At least two hours of ME time

  6. A healthy sleeping regimen

  7. A nutritional regimen based on natural whole foods

  8. The personal appropriate split of exercise, nutrition/fun, reward


Do a self check or discuss this with your personal trainer if you have one. This will be a good starting point and it will get you ready to better implement the blog series as we go into each topic in more detail. Check back this Friday for part two of our series.