Last year in our first blog of the year we offered a questionnaire to help our clients and our readers set their 2017 goals. In this new year, 2018, I want to shift the focus from goals, to the process that can lead you, not only to achieving physical goals, but the process that can lead to positive habit formation, self-ownership and control, and life balance. Here are the 5 places to start.

  1. Commit to weekly meal prep. Healthy meal prep is not only for fit bodies, but it is also of clear minds and organized lives. Nutrition is at least half the battle. You can’t outwork your caloric intake, you can’t out-think your sugary drink, and there is no sense of being grounded and clear when you must continuously order carry out.
  2. Commit to weekly workouts. Instead of trying to nail down that perfect flowing workout week, aim for a specific number of workouts per week, no matter what! Consistency in the number of workouts per week will yield a better outcome than whatever that one perfect week looks like. Consistency is the biggest edge in any pursuit in life.
  3. Meditate. When was the last time that you consciously took a breath of air? Intentionally setting daily space for introspection, can create that necessary barrier between the stress of your day and all the other just as important parts of your day and life. Go beyond breathing and slowing down, practice mindfulness, acceptance and gratitude. Hint, start with you.
  4. Simplify. Less is more, simple. Asses and purge, and that would include relationships, objects and habits that seem unnecessary or that do not increase your quality of life. Learn to say no, aim for quality of time not quantity. Every time you say yes to something insignificant, you are saying no to something that is significant. Saying no is freeing and expansive, saying no to most things allows space and quality of time for that which matters the most to you.
  5. Disconnect to Connect. Pre-plan get away trips to somewhere remote, to be in touch with nature. Disconnect from work, social media, news and technology, so you can truly be present, and connect with yourself and/or with that significant other. The opportunity and ability to emotionally detox and recharge can be the ultimate luxury.

On our next post I will share what are my personal five places to focus in 2018. Happy New Year!

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