Many of us travel during the summer time. Some of us for business, some just for fun. I recently went on a wonderful trip to San Francisco. It was mainly a business trip, doing research for future articles. During my stay I visited my favorite gym in San Francisco, Diakadi, to interview the founders Billy Polson and Mike Clausen. As you are probably aware by now, here at Reliquum Training Studio, our motto is “Train hard, train smart, live balanced”. Of course you cannot go to a city like San Francisco and not enjoy yourself, but then again you should always enjoy yourself, as long as it does not throw off the balance between the other aspects of your life.

Traveling can impose a challenge on maintaining that balance, some more than for others. Even though I do not always have access to a gym when I travel, regardless of whether I am in Lisbon, Walla Walla or San Francisco, I always find a way to stay active. Staying active while traveling should not be complicated. It allows me to enjoy everything to a greater degree. Maybe it is because of the way I workout when I travel, maybe it is because it forces me to stop and/or slow down allowing me to take in the moment, or maybe I am just on an athlete's high from the hormonal rush and elevated heart rate. The way that some of us may think about exercise or activity while traveling may be different. Whether you enjoy exercise and/or activity like I do, or maybe there are other important physiological and/or emotional reasons for you to stay active while traveling I will share with you a few ideas that may make activity while traveling easier, simpler and maybe even enjoyable.

Keep Walking – Walking is by far the best way to explore and experience a new city or location. When I travel I try to incorporate walking as much as I can. We live in a time where you can get an UBER by the click of a button, but if you want complete autonomy of the experience, get on your feet and walk. Perhaps, walking will help you disconnect from the routine and just enjoy the moment.

Along the way - In addition to sightseeing and experiencing the city there are a few things you can do along the way. While walking look at restaurants menus. Consider doing  before you are way too hungry, tired and rushed from a day full of activities and adventures. During your adventure find a grocery store, pick up some healthy snacks that you can keep in your hotel fridge such as Greek style yogurt, fresh fruit, nuts, pre-cut vegetables (like baby carrots), perhaps a natural ingredient based nutritional bar and water.

Dine delicious! But Smart! – Every Friday for me is date night, and that means that I am going to have delicious food, somewhere. When I travel that is no different, just more days of dining out. Strong commitment but also good planning is important to anyone that is looking after their health. This is especially true about nutrition, even more so while traveling. Small considerations, such as if you know you are having a heavier, richer dinner, opt for a lighter, healthier lunch. Or better yet, when dining out, whether lunch or dinner have a combination of the things that you want, and the healthier choices that you need. For example make protein the center of your meal. In the end the whole meal will still be delicious, you will feel great about your choices, and the experience is priceless.

Get Physical – My strategy about working out when I travel is to keep the workouts simple. The workout should require no weights, or if you are an advanced athlete and need more challenge, you can add resistance bands to the mix and you will have plenty. The workout even though simple, it should cover all major body parts, raise your heart rate, and challenge your strength endurance. My go-to workout starts with a 10  minute dynamic warm up and 5 sets of 20 yard sprints, Split Squats, Single Leg Romanian Deadlift, Push-ups, Plank Rows, Side to Side Plank, Mountain Climbers, Glute Bridges and  Superman’s. I perform each for 20 repetitions andI aim to complete all nine exercises without any rest. Once I complete a set I will take a 1 minute rest and do all 9 exercises again until I perform the circuit 5 times. Depending on your current fitness and health level you may need to do variations of the exercises, and variations of the rest times. But don’t quit, the most important thing is to finish it. My second go to workout is running! In my own personal fitness world it is the closest thing to escaping reality and feeling free. More importantly running is quick, requires very little if any preparation, and almost no thought process or preparation.