Best reads 2nd half of August - Olympic Edition 2

Lily, Reliquum Team Member 

Food can not only be an economic driver but a social one as well; And everything does have a cost!

“There is nothing good in cooking but there are no other options” (Eater)

One restaurants recipe for social good, same food, different prices (City Lab) (NPR)

72 ways food can change the world (Eater)

Being Vegan comes with its own set of world problems (Quartz)

You can still call him Daddy! That goes for Bolt too; Exercise enthusiast? Or addict?

Today’s men are weaker than their dads (Washington Post)

They still can’t catch Usain Bolt (The New York Times)

How to age gracefully (and still kick ass) (Outside)

Are you an exercise enthusiast or exercise addict? (Aeon)

Friends with benefits, Over Zealous Parenting, Zika?! Again let’s look at global warming

Own a dog to live longer (Men’s Journal)

Your dog wants praise even more than it wants a snack (Science of Us)

The kids are alright if you leave them alone (New Scientist)

Zika may cause brain damage in adults, too (Bloomberg)

QE and the zero interest rate debate, in the meantime you should buy a house

Buy a house already (The Big Picture)

The counterfactual on QE (The Big Picture)

U.S. Healthcare is a global outlier, and not in a good way (Visual Capitalist)

Nations can be startups, too (Bloomberg)

Running Apple is sort of a lonely job (The Washington Post)

Fear and familiarity rules society, lets fix that, USA gymnastics is a great example

The Psychology of defeating fear (Big Think)

Affluent and Black, and still trapped by segregation (The New York Times)

A picture of a Syrian boy goes viral, but the war goes on (The Washington Post)

The diverse women’s gymnastics team is great (Vox)

Uncovering gay history in San Francisco (The New York Times)