How many times have you found yourself not able to go to the gym? Nanny issues, work deadlines, friends, family, a polar vortex? Any of these can make you unable to attend the gym, or your personal training appointment. But that should not keep you from working out. A home workout might not get you to look like a bodybuilder or fitness model. What it can be, is a fun and effective solution to an unforeseen circumstance that may otherwise keep you from working out.  It can provide maintenance of momentum, reassurance of discipline, caloric deficit, energy boost, emotional boost or a performance boost.

The key to an effective home workout without equipment (you don’t even need a dumbbell!) is to prioritize multi-joint movements i.e., Squats, Push Ups, Leg Raises, Hip Hinges. Given that you are using only your bodyweight there are two main things to consider to make this workout effective.

Make it a total body workout -  Weights, provide an external resistance, providing the workout with a performance and reference characteristic and a motivational characteristic.  You won’t be using any weights for this home workout, to make up for this, the workout needs to be a total body workout consisting of 10 multi-joint movements. Why? By moving the location of major muscular exertion, lower body, to upper body, to core, the heart must change its priority of delivery of oxygenated blood. This will delay the recuperation of the muscle group that was just worked, this lack of recuperation will be our external resistance, this will be our performance characteristic.

Set repetition ranges higher -  You cannot move on to the next exercise until you reach that repetition number for each exercise. For you to call the workout “DONE”, there is a time limit and a repetition total per exercise that needs to be achieved! That is our motivational characteristic.

Now let’s move on to the good stuff!

Warm Up

Time: 5 Minutes 

Exercise Time/Reps
Running in Place 1 Minute
Jumping Jacks 1 Minute
Inchworms 15 Repititions
Vinyasa Flow 15 Repititions
Lunge with Rotation and Overhead reach 20(10 per side) Repetitions

Let’s Work!

Do the 10 exercise circuit twice
Time: 22 minutes

Split Squats

25 Per Leg (50 Total)
“Split “Split

Push Ups

25 (50 Total)
“Push “Push

Mountain Climbers

25 Per Leg (50 Total)
“Mountain “Mountain

Hip Hinges

25 (50 Total)
“Hip “Hip


25 (50 Total)
“Scissors“ “Scissors”

Prone Lat Butterflies

25 (50 Total)
Seated cable rear-delt fly Prone Lat Butterflies

Leg Raises

25 (50 Total)
Leg Raises Knee push-up


25 (50 Total)
Squats Squats

Floor Bridges

25 (50 Total)
Floor Bridges Floor Bridges

Abdominal Crunch

25 (50 Total)
Abdominal Bridges Abdominal Bridges

Cool Down & Stretch

Time: 3 minutes

Seated single leg hamstring/low back stretch with hold
Leg Crossovers

Total time: 30 minutes

*If you have injuries or limitations, we have included some substitutions for you*

Exercise Substitute Reason
Running in Place High Knee March Back & Knee pain, fitness level
Jumping Jacks Hopping in Place Back & Knee pain, fitness level
Inchworms Toe Touches Fitness level
Vinyasa Flow Cobra Shoulder pain, fitness level
Lunge w/Rotation & Overhead Reach Cross Toe Touch Fitness Level

Let’s Work!

Do the 10 exercise circuit twice
Time: 20 minutes

Exercise Substitution Reason
Split Squats Squats Fitness Level
Push Ups Push Ups on Knees Back Pain, Fitness Level
Mountain Climbers Planks Fitness Level
Hip Hinges` 2/3 Hip Hinges Fitness Level
Scissors Alternate Leg Lifts Fitness Level
Prone Lat Butterflies Supermans Fitness Level
Leg Raises Reverse Crunch Back Pain, Fitness Level
Squats 2/3 Squats (YES, Squats!) Fitness Level
Floor Bridges 2/2 Floor Bridges Back Pain, Fitness Level
Abdominal Crunch Abdominal Crunch Flexion Fitness Level

Cool Down & Stretch

Stretch Substitution Reason
Floor seated single leg hamstring/low back stretch with hold Floor seated forward reach with hold Back, Hamstring Flexibility
Leg Crossovers Floor seated side to side twist Back rotational flexibility

In health, 
Luis & Stefani 

*Photo's by Nima Darabi