Best reads first half of August-Olympic edition 1

Repetition shapes both your mind and body, exercise or addiction?

To boost memory: study, wait, then exercise (The New York Times)

How sports influence body shape (Live Science)

Mental model; bias from envy and jealousy (Farnam Street)

Big goals can backfire. Olympians show us what to focus on instead (Science of Us)

How people with sports addiction are like drug addicts (Aeon)

Boricua Gold, Phelps, Vegan Powerhouse, The Body Issue (Not Sports Illustrated)

Monica Puig wins tennis final, and for first time, Puerto Rico has Olympic gold (The Washington Post)

Michael Phelps just ended his Olympic career in the most fitting way possible (Business Insider)

We live in a world where female Olympic athletes can win gold but still face body image issues (Quartz)

Olympians are what they eat

Morghan King Olympic Diet and Training (Elle)

The only male weightlifter on Team USA is a vegan (Business Insider)

"Everything I eat is meant to fuel and take care of my body." (Elle)

The President is my DJ, Honeymoon or not, I want to go there

The top 20 honeymoon destinations (Bazaar)

President Obama summer playlist is Lit (Fast Company)

Jazz, the new sound of summer (The Economist)

Olympian or Millionaire? Focus on what you can control

It is really hard to make money as an Olympian (Wired)

14 signs you have what it takes to become a millionaire (Business Insider)

Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you Can (A Teachable Moment)