Finally, the Reliquum Training Studio blog is live! You may or may have not heard about us, our shop opened in January of 2016. Our mission here at Reliquum, is not just about sets, reps and calories, it’s about Balance. Reliquum is a way of life. We are excited to not only share more with our current clients and supporters, but, to also reach a broader audience and have an impact not only in the Health and Fitness profession and services but in society as a whole.

Our facility is a Personal Training only facility. The key differentiator at our shop is that besides the physical assessment that we do, we also implement a holistic assessment which is basically a ten thousand  foot view of everything that makes up your life that we provide and use to set a program for an individual. The ideas that we will be sharing on the blog will be a reflection of that process.

Check back often, we hope to that the blog is inspiring and educational for everyone!