Here are some of the most interesting things I've read so far this month. ENJOY! 

Technology and Socioeconomics

Siri’s creators say they’ve made something better that will take care of everything for you (Washington Post)

Why so many doctors are advising startups (Fast Company)

When did optimism become uncool? (New York Times)

The one thing rich parents do that makes all the difference (The Washington Post)

Global and mixed interest

The world’s newest major religion: No religion (National Geographic)

Seven things to say when a conversation turns negative (Harvard Business Review)

Investment and Finance

The gospel according to Buffet (Evidence Based Investor)

Three ways to think about “Is it worth it?’ (New York Times)


Why Americans ignore the role of luck in everything (Science of Us)

Six remarkable facts about the science of motherhood (Vox)

Suffocating the ocean (Pacific Standard)

A psychology professor explains why self-esteem is failing us (Business Insider)

Seeing the benefits of failure shapes kids’ beliefs about intelligence (Eurekalert)

Health, Fitness and Sports

The truth about high-intensity interval training (Vox)

Lifting weights is more important to your health than you think (Business Insider)

Research-based exercise program turning preschoolers into “Fit Kids” (Eurekalert)

Best pitcher of all time (FiveThirtyEight)


Build your brand as a relationship (Harvard Business Review)

What platforms do differently than traditional businesses (Harvard Business Review)