During the past couple of weeks, I have made several arrangements to see clients outside of their normal times. Stefani had the in-laws over, the Alday’s are traveling to the South to see Angela’s family, Jo Ann is visiting family on the east Coast, and Hannah, well, she has her ever changing schedule due to work, and so on. This happens invariably through the year, and due to work, travel, family, etc., one of my clients must change an appointment, or worse cancel it. I on the other hand, always offer to see if we can make up that workout at a different time and date, my main goal been that I cover the workouts that the client usually has on any given week.  During the holiday season this situation is much more prevalent. Sometimes to my client’s surprise, during the holiday season, I will with as much emphasis try to cover as many workouts as I can, and not simply give them up just because is the holiday season.

If you are a client, or you have been reading our blog, you know that I heavily advocate consistency, not only on a fitness and health program, but, on anything you want to ever excel on in life. You might be wondering, why, if you have been such a consistent disciple all year, why can’t you just take a break. Well, the simple truth is that, life will always happen, and if you turn every situation into an easy exit to not workout or attend to your health, over time, you will lose considerable ground if you have made any progress, and/or, you will not achieve the goals that you had initially set for yourself. I know this may sound over simplistic, and to a degree, self-serving, after all I am a Fitness Professional, and I make a living by seeing people one on one.

So, if you may allow me to explain with a bit more depth and substance why, to me, it is so important to try to make up workouts that you know you are going to otherwise miss.  As you may be aware by now, “Reliquum”, “Is a way of life”, that is our motto, that is the main drive of our process. We work really hard to integrate your fitness and health goals/necessities, your professional life, and your personal life. To achieve this, we seek to find and efficient and effective number of weekly workouts and the necessary nutritional oversight to go in hand with your personal and professional life.

Now, let’s take a hypothetical case. Let’s say that your efficient number is 2 workouts a week with your Personal Trainer. How much would you set yourself back if you missed 4 random workouts during the year, 3 in the fun summertime, 2 during Thanksgiving, 2 during Christmas and one for New Years. Well, you missed 12 workouts all year, that sounds pretty good, right, after all a year is a long time. In reality, if you know that your efficient number of workouts is 2 per week, then you should look at the year on a weekly basis, and the year has 52 weeks or 104 efficient workouts. Still sounds pretty good, after all, you completed 92 of 104 workouts, that is only 1 workout lost a month!, BUT, if you know that 2 weekly workouts, or 104 yearly workouts is the efficient number of workouts to achieve the results and balance that you seek, wouldn’t you think that if you only complete 92 of that 104 the outcome would be different than the one you are seeking?! If you think of it in terms of weeks, your 12 missed workouts are equal to 6 weeks(2 workouts a week) of lost efficiency. As you know I advocate Fitness and Health as part of a way of life, looking at this on a one year basis does not really fit what we advocate, so lets look further.

How the HABIT of missing 12 workouts a year looks after 10 and 20 years?! Well after 10 years you would have missed 120 workouts, or 60 weeks, which is the same as 1 year and 2 months; after 20 years you would have missed 240 workouts, or 120 weeks, which is the same as 2 years and 4 months! On an efficiency basis, how different would you think your results would be if after “10 years of working out”, you only worked out 8 years and 10 months, or after “20 years of working out”, you only worked out 17 years and 8 months?! I do not have an accurate answer for this question, but I think that is safe to say that missing ‘X” number of workouts can have a significant impact over time. Just as anyone can gain significant weight one pound per month over time, you can lose significant progress by just missing 1 workout a month over time, and time is a commodity, is a part of life that we can’t ever get back. And, when you add to this equation the workouts that you are supposed to do on your own the numbers can be even more significant!

My message is simple though, do not look at this as a lost. Instead look at it as an opportunity. I am neither implying that you need to obsess over every workout. But, if you have gotten this far by carelessly missing a workout here and there, just imagine how much better you could do if you paid a little more attention, and tried a little harder to not miss or make up 1 workout at a time! You may not be able to cover all, but, I have a feeling that after a few years, the results will make up for the extra effort. Set the goal, and build that habit!

In Health,